Our Services and Activities in Pictures

One-to-One Grief Support Sessions:

             A one-to-one session with Pauline

Weekly Grief Support Group Meetings:

                    A group meeting in session


Small Group Discussions:

    Grieving parents encouraging one another

Teaching on Grief Support:

       Edmund teaching on how to comfort the grieving


Promoting Grief Support in Seminars:

Edmund as Keynote Speaker in Singapore National Seminar on Living through Loss

Speaking at International Conferences:

               Edmund speaking at the World Conference of Counsellors in Nashville, USA


Community Talk on How to Grieve:

Addressing grieving members of the public

Annual Dinner to Honour Widows:

   Banquet for the widows


Arriving for GGP 4th Annual Dinner:

Widows and widowers came by the busloads

Our VIP Guests are the down and out

They came from the slums of highways and byways

Awaiting entrance to the Banquet Hall:

The invited are of all races and religions

Christmas Gifts to Poor Widows:

Gift items to each poor widow

Christmas gifts for the poor widows:

A total of 97 poor widows received RM300 each

Cheering up the widows:

Presentation of songs

Cheering up the fatherless:

Performance by John the clown

Financial Aid to the Poorest Widows:

          Visiting a widow to assess her need for grants





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