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Dr Edmund Ng is a USA Certified Thanatologist (Grief Therapist) with postgraduate qualifications in Counselling (Australia) and Thanatology (USA). Thanatology is a specialised field in all matters of dying, death & bereavement, focusing on grief management and suicides. Edmund is the Resident Director of GGP Outreach.

Both Edmund and his present wife, Pauline, had experienced first-hand the deep pain and loneliness of loosing their respective spouses in a sudden. Edmund’s first wife Jessie died suddenly of intracerebral haemorrhage at the age of 49. Pauline’s first husband Su was killed instantly in an accident and she was widowed for 15 years. Edmund has two children while Pauline has a child from their first marriages.

Edmund has also served in various leadership capacities in social organisations such as Director of Malaysian Care, an established social service agency, and Executive Director of Partners In Enterprise (M) Bhd, a micro-finance agency helping the poor in income-generating activities.

As a couple, they have journeyed alongside large numbers of bereaved persons, both on a one-to-one basis and collectively as Grief Support Groups.  Edmund has also taught extensively on the subject.   He often speaks in counselling seminars and conferences locally and abroad, including an invitation to speak at a World Conference of Counsellors in the USA.


                       Core Team                            

Consultative Council:

Mal McKissock (Bereavement Consultant)

Dianae McKissock (Psychotherapist)

Dr John Tan (Psychiatrist)

Dr Ng Wai Sheng (Clinical Psychologist)

Cheang Meng Wai (Registered Consultant Counselor)

Core Members:

Our core team of trained caregivers comprises widows, widowers and grieving parents who have themselves journeyed through their own losses.





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